Welcome to my blog.

Here you will find information related to the types of injuries and conditions I help people with on a regular basis, as well as a few general health and wellness topics.

Below, I have arranged topics I’ve written about by category. Browse through these topics and read the articles that may apply to your condition. This will allow you to better understand your condition and may provide a few ideas for things you can do on your own to help.

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Posts Related Pain and Injury Care


Low back pain and core stability, basic level exercises
Shoulder and scapular mobility – Considerations for neck, upper back, and shoulder pain
Solving low back pain – hip mobility
Tips on recovering from an ankle sprain

Treatment Methods Utilized by Dr. Touchinsky

How I help people through chiropractic care
A new old treatment for chronic muscle and joint pain
Successful outcomes using instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization

Conditions, Commentary, Etc.

“My doctor says I have to live with low back pain”
Inflammation and pain – overview and causes
Inflammation and pain – natural anti-inflammatory strategies
Tips for those injured in an automobile accident in Pennsylvania
What is sciatica and how can it be fixed?
Case study – wrist pain
No, your pain is not just from arthritis
Case study – chronic migraines
Possible solution for headaches
Case study – chronic low back pain due to posture
Ice or heat for pain?
Safe snow shoveling tips

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