A Natural Approach to Pain Relief and Health

Hello, my name is Dr. Touchinsky. I am a Pennsylvania licensed chiropractor and practice in Orwigsburg, Schuylkill County. In addition to helping people through chiropractic with neck pain, back pain, and other muscle and joint injuries, I also provide healthy lifestyle education and counseling. By following my recommendations, people lose weight, have more energy, and even improve health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, migraines, rheumatoid arthritis, heart burn, and more.

My approach is simple. If it’s a muscle or joint injury, our goal is to get you out of pain by removing the cause of your problem and providing a more ideal healing environment. If it’s some other health issue, our goal is to evaluate your daily habits remove those that are damaging to your health and increase the number of health promoting behaviors. Depending on your situation, often a combination of chiropractic care and lifestyle counseling can get you feeling better than you’ve felt in a long time. No gimmicks or tricks involved. Just simple, smart, healthy living.

If you’re like most patients I see, by providing your body with what it needs to function properly, even the most complicated health problems can be overcome or improved upon.

All this is done without drugs or surgery, so side effects are minimal.

If you feel like you could do better for your health or need help with pain or an injury, contact me. There’s no charge to talk for a few minutes here at my office or over the phone. I’d be more than happy to discuss what I can offer you.


Dr. B. Touchinsky
Health and Wellness Advocate

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