Three tips for sleeping to reduce back pain

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Eating yourself sick: Insulin resistance and disease

713 insulin resistance

The road to chronic disease — from arthritis to heart disease — is paved with sugar and refined …

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What your gut bacteria need to eat to survive and thrive

712 gut bacteria food

You can eat fermented foods every day and take all the probiotic supplements you want, but if you …

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Exercise creates good gut bacteria independent of diet

We’re learning what a vital role good gut bacteria play in immune health, brain health, mood, and, of …

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Canola oil worsens memory, raises Alzheimer’s risk

We’ve long been pitched canola’s health benefits. After all, Whole Foods uses it in all their prepared foods …

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How to talk to an overweight child about their weight

Ours is a tricky culture in which to raise a child. We idolize thinness, shame the fat, yet …

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Balancing chronic autoimmune illness with raising children


Because women make up about 75 percent of autoimmune disease diagnoses, this means many sufferers of chronic …

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Cannabinoid receptors: How to activate them without cannabis


If medical marijuana has done anything, it has been to educate us about our own endocannibinoid system …

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The Instant Pot: Great tool for a functional medicine protocol

733 instant potThe beauty of functional medicine is it puts your health journey in your hands. The curse of functional …

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Counting carbs? Carbohydrate density matters most


If you are counting carbs to stabilize your blood sugar, lower inflammation, balance hormones, or lose weight, …

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