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Allergies are a very common complaint.  Sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, skin rashes, hives, sinusitis, GI upset from certain foods, etc. are all signs of allergic reactions. Sometimes triggers can be identified, but in many cases there is no specific trigger or there are so many triggers that a person does not know how to avoid them.  


Once all issues that require urgent medical attention are ruled out (infection, malignancy, inflammatory autoimmune disorder,etc.), functional medicine can be vital to finding out the cause and correcting any issues found.  Let’s take a look at some of those possible causes.




A review of a person’s social habits and lifestyle can give clues as to potential causes of allergies.  Common causes include environmental exposure (pets, dust, chemicals at work or at home) and diet (wheat or dairy intolerance).


A full assessment of these potential causes and many more is done as part of the functional medicine consultation. Modifying exposure to known irritants is vital towards correcting this problem.  


Underlying Root Causes


In addition to investigating a person’s daily habits, specialized testing can be done to identify any sub-optimal functions in the body as well as any nutrient deficiencies.  In the case of allergies, there is usually something chronically irritating the system.  This puts the immune system on high alert causing it to be triggered by a variety of different substances.


Here is a list of common underlying causes of allergies that can be exposed by testing.

  • Nutrient deficiencies (especially omega 3’s, vitamin D, B-vitamins, anti-oxidants)
  • Chronic infections (abnormal gut bacteria, parasites, viral)
  • Toxic exposure/poor detoxification (mold, chemical exposure, heavy metals)
  • Hormone imbalance (sex hormones)
  • Poor gut function leading to systemic inflammation(flora imbalance, leaky gut syndrome)

If you are suffering from allergies, schedule a consult today to find out more about our program. Our approach is simple.  Modify lifestyle factors and test and address any issues that are interfering with the ability of your body to function optimally. Often when this is done, the body will heal itself and correct the dysfunction.