Health Counseling

In addition to traditional chiropractic care for injuries and chronic pain, Dr. Touchinsky has a growing practice for those that can benefit from doctor guided health and lifestyle counseling (also known as health coaching/counseling or wellness coaching/counseling).

Overall, Schuylkill County suffers from a shortage of health care providers. Due to this shortage, most doctors do not have the time it requires to sufficiently implement and monitor a health and lifestyle counseling program. They do all they can just to help the sick and injured.

So, Dr. Touchinsky has decided to fill this much needed role. Through his educational background and countless hours of post graduate study, he has designed programs for people who can benefit from a change in lifestyle. There is no shortage of research showing certain components of a healthy lifestyle can improve peoples’ health and help them prevent and in some cases even reverse disease, and Dr. Touchinsky wishes to teach this information to anyone willing to listen.

If you have been diagnosed with a lifestyle related disease, have had ‘abnormal’ blood test results, have been told you are at high risk of problems like diabetes, heart disease, etc., or if you just don’t feel as well as you should, use the contact page or call 570-366-2613 to be sent information on how to take advantage of this service.

UPDATE:  The above has been expanded to include the practice of Functional Medicine. To learn more about this approach, CLICK HERE.