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On this page you will find links to helpful websites, foods, and products that will help you on your journey to live a health promoting lifestyle.

Health Related Information

Environmental Working Group – What chemicals are hidden in your food, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.? EWG has made it their mission to provide a resource where consumers can look up this information and make informed decisions about what’s in their products.

I Read Labels For You – Similar to EWG, this organization helps to find hidden sources of toxicity in the products we use on a regular basis.


Propur USA Water Purification Systems – For those that desire consuming the purest water possible, Propur has designed multiple products to help minimize contaminants found in your drinking water, whether that be for the home, travel or for preparedness. Check out their range of products to see what will work best for your needs.

Food - Local

Healthy Habits Natural Market – Started by Dr. Touchinsky and his wife, this is located next to the practice. The motto is “making it easier to be healthy”. Healthy Habits carries a wide selection of natural and organic food, ingredients, teas and coffees, pet food and treats, personal and household products, and nutritional and herbal supplements. The store is jam packed with everything you could possibly need for a healthy lifestyle. Healthy Habits also carries products from the local farmers listed below.

Little Peace Farm – Located near Schuylkill Haven, this is a great family farm that strives to produce the most honest food possible. Not certified organic, but they follow organic methods and are happy to talk to you about how they grow their crops. CSA shares are available, and they also sell from their farm throughout the season.

Herring’s Green Grass Farm – Another great family farm that provide pastured grazed and sustainable meat products.


US Wellness Meats – 100% grass fed meat from sustainably raised animals. No antibiotics and no hormones. All can be delivered right to your door.