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Functional and Lifestyle Medicine

There are two main components of our Functional and Lifestyle Medicine program.  


Functional Medicine  


Functional medicine is a patient centered approach to health care, focusing on the root causes or underlying factors that may be affecting one’s health and well-being.  The job of the functional medicine practitioner is to carefully and thoroughly assess an individual, looking for factors that can be modified to improve their overall function.  This includes reviewing the person’s health history, assessing their current condition, exploring daily habits and routines, and utilizing specialized testing that provides clues into how their body’s basic and fundamental processes are functioning. From all of this, the practitioner and patient will work together to devise a plan to work together to address any issues that may be found.  Interventions may include food supplement protocols to correct imbalances or deficiencies, specialized dietary recommendations, and modifications to lifestyle.




The goal of the lifestyle component of care is to provide the individual with the knowledge and support needed to incorporate health promoting behaviors and activities into their daily routines.  Almost every choice we make on a daily basis can be categorized as health promoting or health damaging.  Health damaging behaviors and activities over time can lead to dysfunction.  By removing these behaviors and replacing them with those that promote or enhance health, dysfunction can often be corrected.  


It is extremely important to note that the patient is an active participant in this program. The patient determines the outcome!  In contrast, conventional health care is often passive care.  The patient has something done to them by a practitioner, or a medication does something to the patient.  This program is considered active care meaning that the person is actively engaged and through their actions, responsible for the benefits.  The practitioner’s role is to identify “blind spots” and raise awareness of issues that can be interfering with optimal health, as well as provide knowledge and support to do what is necessary to address these issues.  

“Modern healthcare has become over complicated. In our program, we will seek to simplify and focus on the basics. Just like a plant needs fertile soil, water, and sunlight, our bodies too have a set of basic requirements that without them, begins to function poorly. My job as your practitioner will be to identify and restore any long standing deficiencies and imbalances, and help provide you an understanding and help you make sure those basic requirements are covered on a daily basis”. — Dr. Touchinsky