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Using Genetic Testing to Personalize Health Recommendations


Every one of us is unique.  We inherit a unique set of genes from our parents.  Variations in these genes can affect our health.  Knowing these variations allows us to make specific diet and lifestyle changes to help our bodies work better.


We have teamed up with the company called Youtrients to help bring you testing that can help identify genetic variations.


Here is a video that shows some highlights from Dr. Touchinsky and his wife’s consultation with the geneticist.  This gives a good example of the type of information one can learn from this type of testing, and then what can be done about it.





Next, we have a one-hour presentation done by Mr. Harris Khan from Youtrients.  He talks in depth about the benefits of genetic testing and how their company is different from the others that are out there.



Don’t guess.  Get tested and find out how to modify your lifestyle and diet to improve your health.


The great thing about this test is that it’s only necessary to do once. Genes don’t change!  Test once and you get powerful information that you can use the rest of your life.  If you are interested in having this testing done for you and your family, click on the link below.  It will take you to the Youtrients website.  Once you make the purchase, contact Dr. Touchinsky to arrange collecting a saliva sample to be sent to the lab.


For a limited time, you may use the coupon code BTTEST to receive a substantial discount through our office.  The cost of the test will be reduced to $389, over a 50% savings!




Supplements based on YOUR test results


Additionally, if you would like to purchase their monthly supplement program, specially formulated for you based on your unique results, click on the link below.


Also for a limited time, use the coupon code BTSUPP to lock in at the reduced price of $199 per month.





Any questions regarding the testing or supplements can be directed to Youtrients.  For contact information, go to their website.




If you have any other questions, please contact us at info@drtouchinsky.com