Three tips for sleeping to reduce back pain

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Three tips for sleeping to reduce back pain

Guest blog by Dr. Alex Tauberg

Pittsburgh Chiropractor serving the Fox Chapel & Oakmont Areas

If you’ve ever had to deal with back pain, you know just how debilitating it can be. What’s worse, back pain can also disrupt our sleep and make it impossible to get our much-needed rest.

The biggest issue is, finding a comfortable position that doesn’t aggravate the back can be quite challenging.

But, seeing as getting our sleep is integral for our health and well-being, we need to find ways to sleep better, despite the back pain.

To that end, here are three invaluable tips:

1. Sleep On Your Side With a Pillow Between Your Knees

For the most part, sleeping on your back will be out of the question, as that position often aggravates the back. So, sleep on your side and place a pillow between your knees:

  • Get on your side with the entire side of your body in full contact with the mattress.
  • Place a small pillow between your legs.

Most people find this position quite comfortable and pain-free. You can place a bigger pillow between your legs if you find that a small one doesn’t do much for you.

This position is particularly beneficial because it aligns your pelvis, hips, and spine, thus preventing excessive stress.

2. Sleep On Your BACK!

While this position can be uncomfortable at first it is often the best way to sleep when you have back pain. Sleeping on your back prevents your spine from being angled and placed into stressful positions.

Sometimes people with back pain that radiates down there leg are unable to find a comfortable position while sleeping on their back. Placing a pillow or two under your knees can help to take away some of this discomfort.

Another useful place to put a small pillow is in the small of your low back. If you can find a very thin pillow supporting this area will help to support the low back while in the face up position.

3. Invest Some Money In a Good Mattress

This one may sound like a no-brainer, but plenty of people out there sleep on less-than-decent mattresses.

When it comes to dealing with back pain, the firmness of the mattress is also essential. A mattress that is too firm can aggravate your back and exacerbate the pain. A bed that is too soft can also cause issues because you can sink in while sleeping and cause misalignments.

So, getting a medium-hard mattress might be best. Still, it’s worth experimenting with several beds (for example, by sleeping at a friend’s house or a hotel) before investing.

Dr. Alex Tauberg is a Pittsburgh Chiropractor serving the Fox Chapel & Oakmont Areas. Dr. Tauberg practices in an evidence based manner to get people out of pain and back to enjoying their active lifestyles. Dr. Tauberg has been certified by the University of Pittsburgh as a Primary Spine Practitioner, is a certified chiropractic sports practitioner, certified strength and conditioning specialist, and is an emergency medical responder. He is also the team chiropractor for The Pittsburgh Vengeance.